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Workshop: exchange and availability of ocean data  

A workshop marking the official launch of the SIMORC service
On the exchange and availability of ocean data and products

Held on 28th March 2007
from 9.00 - 12.30 hours at OGP offices London


  • SIMORC Coordination group and Advisory Members
  • OGP Metocean Committee members
  • NOAA and JCOMMOPS representatives

There is a lot of activity in Europe and the US to develop and operate infrastructures for ocean data and information management and provision. The output of these systems has added value for the offshore oil & gas industry such as are represented in the OGP Metocean Committee. The objective of this workshop is to raise OGP members' awareness and become acquainted with the infrastructures and their specific ocean products and services, and to establish more communication and exchange between the industry and the research and public communities who are developing and operating these systems. At the same time it is positioning the SIMORC service within this field.
The presentations can be downloaded: